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Life can sometimes be stressful and we believe everyone deserves a moment of pure enjoyment and escapism. At LolTap we design simple games that everyone can instantly pick up and have positive fun with. Our motto is putting the player’s experience first in our development process.

We have developed a wide catalog of fun and juicy mobile experiences for players to enjoy from Idle games (Emoji Craft!, Idle Slice & Dice…) to Arcade Games (Freeze Rider,…) and have worked with several market-leading publishers to reach a massive worldwide audience.

LolTap’s skilled and experienced team has elaborated processes and toolchains to create innovative, engaging and high-quality games within the rapid iteration cycles that the hyper-casual industry demands. This is our commitment, this is our ambition.


Philippe Desgranges

Game Shaman

Nicolas Le Poder

Knight of operations

Alexis Gomes

Gameplay Ninja

Julien Kopoin

Awesomeness Wizard


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